Night Vision / Full Spectrum POV 4K HD Camcorder with Infrared Light and Wifi

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(as of 01/21/2018 12:42 UTC - Details)
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Get full 4K night vision and full spectrum video with this POV cam by GhostStop! This camcorder has been manufactured with hardware specs geared for awesome full spectrum night vision. This is not your typical clone as it has been built from the ground up with specs geared toward awesome night vision with a low light lens, infrared light and other specs needed for a great picture in the dark. It includes a detachable infrared (IR) night vision light which is needed to produce a great picture, even in total darkness. This mountable POV (Point of View) camcorder takes true full spectrum HD video with audio and photos completely hands free. This package comes with many mounts that can be used for various purposes. But since this cam works with both tripod or GoPro-style mounts, you can use just about any mounting system. It requires a micro SD card (not included). NOTE: Because this camcorder has been manufactured specifically for full spectrum it may not be suitable for every day use with family events as the picture will come out with a pinkish in daylight. It is mainly purposed for night vision and low light situations.

  • 4K Ultra HD Video Camera with Night Vision
  • Includes night vision IR light required by ALL night vision cams to work
  • Compact system with a huge selection of mounts included and works with GoPro-type mounts
  • Wifi features for use with mobile APP and remote viewing
  • Manufactured specifically for night vision and low light applications with low light lens and more

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