Union Cemetery – Easton, CT

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For many years, visitors to this cemetery have reported having friendly conversations with life-like apparitions who walk among the tombstones and then dissappear into thin air.  They are often encountered by their loved ones.  Family and friends of of people are buried here say the spirits talk, act and behave exactly like they did when they were alive.

Union Cemetery is also the home of the White Lady, who has been seen many times over fifty years. She is always seen wearing a white nightgown, which helped her earn her nickname.  The White Lady usually appears in the roadway along Route 59 or sometimes 111.  People report hitting her when she appears out of nowhere. There is never any evidence afterwards, nor is there ever any damage to the vehicles that pass through the apparition.

Another spirit said to reside in the cemetery is known as Red Eyes. A person walking by the cemetery caught a glimpse of a pair of red eyes peering at him through the darkness.  Some believe this is the ghost of Earle Kellog, a man who was killed across the street from the cemetery or possibly another man, who is said to have given his name through EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), that was killed by a drunken driver.  Visitors have also reported taking photos of orbs, light rods, and ectoplasmic mists.

Easton is in southwest Connecticut near the junction Highway 136 and Highway 59. The cemetery is on Highway 59, near the Easton Baptist Church.

union cemetary

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